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The Traditional And Historical Sovereign Cherokee Government
Grand Council Fire
The repatriated historical sovereign Cherokee government being
Cherokee Nation of Indians Treaty of 1791, consists of a Grand Council Fire which involves
1. The People-Yvwi  
2. Clan Mothers-Ani Agitsi- Etsi
3. Chiefs-Ugvwiyuhi
Our Grand Council Fire follows the
Great Law of Peace as our Constitution, and our Declaratory
Statement by International Law is the
Adanvnv Sequo "One Path" Wampum Belt
fashioned in the customary way of our ancestors.

At our Grand Council Fire the people have a voice, and through the Sidanelvhi-Families
a head mother is chosen to serve the people as a Ani Agitsi-Etsi "Clan Mother".
Through the Ani Agitsi-Etsi "Clan Mothers" an Ugvwiyuhi- "Chief"- or Headman is Chosen and must
be ratified before being instilled or condoled as an Ugvwiyuhi.
Each Ugvwiyuhi will bear wampum showing that he has been condoled and that he speaks on behalf of
his Sidanelvhi "Family or the Families" he represents.
Sgi Wado "Thank you"
Hi Yvwi-Agitsi-Ale-Ugvwiyuhi