Nigada dvnada dudalv adanvdo ostah, to “all our good spirit relations”, as the first
Ugvwiyuhi condoled by the Ani Agitsi etsi “Clan Mothers” in 2005 during the time of
our repatriation of
Cherokee Nation of Indians and Cherokee Country, and as a
Representative of the Cherokee Government being a “
Treaty Nation” we are happy to
announce that we have been able to achieve specific goals. And now that the
Great Turtle Island Federation has been acknowledged by the United Nations as an
IGO Inter-governmental Organization, on 05/21/13 at 11:36 A.M.and by being a
Member Nation and Country of the Federation, collectively we are moving forward
together in a good way on special programs in the International community.
Sgi Wado
Thank you", Nvwatohiyadv "Peace" To All Our Relations
"Greetings" From Cherokee Country,
November 1st 2006
Pentagon News
"Robert Swift Arrow Rose a
dancer and representative of the
Cherokee Government".